Doxstar Pro

Doxstar Pro

A concentrated formulation controlling all species of docks. Use on both grazing and silage ground.
Very safe to grass.

Docks need controlling because:
– They compete with grass for space, light, nutrients and water
– reducing grass yields
– Docks have only 65% of the feed value of grass
– They are unpalatable to stock.
– Docks in silage can affect fermentation and reduce overall quality.

Choose DoxstarPro because it:
– Gives excellent control of broadleaved dock, curled dock and chickweed
– Moves to the roots ensuring high levels of long-term control
– Can be used in silage fields, hay meadows and grazing pastures for significant benefits in forage yield and palatability
– Is very effective on seedling dock and common chickweed
– Is very safe to grass.

Important points to remember about docks: ‘Docks should be 8-10” high or across’
– Spray when about 8-10” high or across
– Always spray a green healthy leaf
– Leave 7 day grazing interval or 3 weeks before cutting silage to allow the chemical to get down and kill the roots
– Use plenty of water 200lt – 400lt/ha

Correct Time to spray docks
Correct Time to spray docks

Facts about Docks

– Docks have a very large tap root – up to 1 meter deep
– For long term control its important to choose a product that will be fully translocated down to kill the root
– One mature dock can produce more than 60,000 seeds
– Dock seeds can survive for up to 50 - 80 years in soil
– Docks prefer High fertility levels in soils especially K – Potash
– Dock seeds generally don’t survive low ph silage (eg pit silage)
– They can survive baled silage or haylage
– Docks love open swards or where there is poaching

Doxstar Pro - Herbicide