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Pastor Trio is also the perfect solution for buttercups, dandelions, docks, thistles and other weeds in silage swards and permanent pasture. 

Pastor Trio

Apply at a rate of 2l/ha in silage swards at least four weeks before silage is cut.  This ensures the chemicals are fully translocated to the root system, enabling the most effective weed kill.

In permanent pasture, keep animals off the grass for seven days after application of Pastor Trio.  

buttercups in permanent pasture

Add clover after weeds are controlled

As clover is susceptible to Pastor Trio and other herbicides that kill broad-leaved weeds, a growing number of farmers are now excluding clover from the mixture at reseeding, controlling the weeds and then over-sowing, or surface seeding, the clover into a clean sward at a later stage.

The technique of over-sowing clover with P and K fertilizer was developed successfully by James Humphreys of Teagasc Moorepark who pioneered the system at the Teagasc dairy research farm at Solohead in Tipperary.

In many cases the effects of heavy infestations of weeds far outweigh the benefits of clover in a reseeded sward.   The best decision economically may be to control the weeds and then add the clover.


Key steps in the process:

  • A high seed rate of 2kg/acre of white clover should be used. 
  • Use a PK fertiliser such as 0-7-30.  The fertiliser should not contain nitrogen.
  • 2kg of clover is mixed by hand in the fertiliser spreader with each bag of 0-7-30.  Mixing is best done in the field to avoid the clover separating out.
  • The fertiliser should be spread at one bag/acre in two runs at right angles to each other.
  • After spreading, around 3,000 gallons/acre of fairly watery slurry should be applied - to wash in the seed and seal the ground in order to lower moisture loss.


Silage Swards

The technique is also very effective after first-cut silage and in permanent pasture but it is important to have it tightly grazed.  It works best where moisture levels are good. 

When weeds account for 20% or more of the field, it will pay to kill the weeds and re-introduce the clover later.  The over-sowing can be done 30 days after Pastor Trio is applied.

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