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ForefrontTForefront T adds a powerful extra dimension to weed control in grazing swards. Containing the most advanced chemistry in weed control technology, it is the perfect all-purpose product for grazing swards.

“In addition to being powerful on docks, it is also highly effective against nettles, thistles, dandelions, buttercups and chickweed.   It has a particular application where nettles are among the more prominent weeds in a field.

“It should be applied at 2 litres/ha as a single application. Use 200-300 litres of water/ha and keep stock off the grazing pastures for seven days after spraying,” advised Chris Maughan, technical manager with Whelehan Crop Protection.

“It is especially powerful against ragwort. Make sure the ragwort is at the rosette stage when spraying and remove livestock off the treated area until the plant has fully died and disappeared,” he added. ‘This may take a minimum of 3 weeks where the rosettes are small but longer is they are larger or gone stemmy. You should avoid spraying ragwort when it has gone stemmy’ advises Chris

Chris stressed that for best results with Forefront T, weeds should be actively growing. Docks and thistles should be at the rosette stage and 15 to 25cm (6-10ins) across or high. Thistles about 8-10” high. Nettles should be sprayed before flowering.