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GrazonPro is ideal for spot spraying nettles and other weeds at fences, railings and field boundaries.

Nettles under wire

Spraying knapsack 1GrazonPro - the perfect spot treatment for weeds

For spot treating nettles and other troublesome weeds at railings, ditches and hedges, GrazonPro is the perfect product.

Containing two powerful root killing ingredients – triclopyr and clopyralid – it is powerful on a wide range of weeds including  nettles, thistles, docks, buttercups, brambles, gorse, cow parsley and hogweed.

It should be applied at a rate of 60 ml in 10 litres of water using a conventional knapsack sprayer, a quadbike sprayer or a suitable lance on a tractor mounted sprayer.  Keep animals off treated areas for seven days. 

GrazonPro is also an ideal spot treatment where weed infestations across paddocks are 5% or less.  As with Envy and PastorTrio, best control is achieved where weeds are sprayed before the flowering stage. 

grazon pro