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Common weeds

Reliable, top level control of weeds
or pests

That’s what we’d like to think is at the top of your mind when selecting ‘Doxstar Pro’, ‘Thistlex’, ‘Pastor Trio’, ‘Forefront T’, ‘Grazon Pro’ or ‘Dursban 4’. And rightly so!  They are the market leading grassland herbicides for the professional farming sector.

But have you ever thought WHY?

The obvious answer might be that it’s what the products contain –but while that is of course fundamental - there’s more to it than that...

Top level and reliable control of weeds or pests is the result of years of product development work by our technical experts – all the way from the laboratory to the field.

So, we’re dedicated to seeing the fruits of our labour deliver for every single customer. That’s why we offer a network of local support to our customers, we know the origin of every ingredient contained in our products and invest in product stewardship to guard against adverse impacts on the environment. We are also continually looking at new product innovations to help you get exactly what you’re looking for to achieve the best level of grassland weed control available!

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Grassland Weed Control

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If you wish to discuss your specific individual requirements please feel free to contact a member of our technical sales team.

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